Wendy Ellyatt

Wendy Ellyatt Enable Conference 2016

Children: Citizens with Developmental Rights – Wendy Ellyatt – Founder & Chief Executive, Save Childhood Movement

Wendy Ellyatt has been a writer, researcher and consultant in early years education for the last 20 years. With a particular interest in child and teacher wellbeing and the importance of nurturing natural development, she has developed three educational websites of her own and has had more than 60 articles published internationally. She has been a regular contributor to Early Years Educator (EYE) Magazine and Nursery World and has become well known in the field as a charismatic and inspirational speaker.
In 2009 she was recognised as a leading thinker in Creativity and Early Learning through her contribution to the Demos publication ‘Born Creative’. In the same year she founded the Unique Child (UQC) Network www.uniquechildnetwork.com to challenge traditional approaches to education and to network those seeking new and innovative solutions, and In 2010 she contributed the chapter ‘The Democratization of Learning’ to the highly acclaimed book ‘Too, Much, Too Soon?’- Early Learning and the Erosion of Childhood.
She is a Fellow of the RSA and is currently leading the development of the Save Childhood Movement www.savechildhood.net, National Children’s Day UK www.nationalchildrensdayuk.com and the International Festival of Childhood www.festivalofchildhood.com. The movement launched the 2013 ‘Too Much Too Soon’ Campaign www.toomuchtoosoon.org and more recently led the formation of the very successful Early Years Education Coalition and ‘Better without Baseline’ Campaign www.betterwithoutbaseline.org.uk