E N A B L E  2 0 1 7 will bring together leading experts to provide actionable insights for early years professionals, aiming to gather and galvanise professionals and parents who are passionate about the Early Years in order to effect positive change.

The event will be chaired by Jackie Harland, a Speech and Language Therapist known for being one of the leading minds in her field as well as an advocate for children, a builder of charities and a brilliant lecturer. Jackie will be speaking about the creation of a new Inclusion Early Years Curriculum, which aims to encourage inclusion in deed, and not in word only.

Jenny Mosley, will begin the day by speaking to delegates about Promoting Wellbeing, Resilience and Self-Esteem For All Children and the Adults Working With Them, and will also share her ideas on Circle Time, expounding on Engaging, Encouraging and Edifying Young Children.

June O’Sullivan of LEYF will deliver a keynote address on Leadership in the Early Years and Ruth Churchill Dower of Earlyarts will examine The Power of Play in the Lives of Young Children. Kate Shelley, the founder of Tales Toolkit will elaborate on her journey in creating this exciting new resource, and will further explain how it can be used in the early years and beyond.

Renowned Montessorian Barbara Isaacs will discuss The Environment as The Third Teacher and Billy O’Neill will explain the workings of Feuerstein’s Mediated Learning Experience for young children. Sue Palmer will explore Literacy in the Early Years and Jane Evans will teach on the importance of Understanding and Supporting the Impact of Developmental Trauma in the Lives of Vulnerable Children.

Lynette Brock and John Siraj-Blatchford will present their research in a session on Taking Play Seriously: Examining How Play Works and How Best To Support It and Joanna Grace, the Founder of The Sensory Project will explore and explain the use of Sensory Stories.

Rachel Drury and Heather Armstrong from Starcatchers will explore Creative Skills and Galina Dolya of Key to Learning will present on Vygotsky in Action in the Early Years. David Whitebread, Director of the Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development and Learning at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge will explore The Importance of Self-Regulation for Learning.

The day will end with a panel on The Rights of Children, moderated by Barbara Isaacs. The panel will be exploring children’s rights in a number of ways with Wendy Ellyat of the Save Childhood Movement speaking on Children as Citizens With Developmental Rights, Leslee Udwin, a passionate filmmaker, human rights activist and the Founder of Think Equal discussing Fostering a Knowledge of Human Rights in the Lives of Children, and Jackie Harland explaining True Inclusion in light of The Universal Rights of All Children. David Whitebread will examine The Loss of Play in Childhood, Lisbeth Hattens will speak about Building Foundations of Play and Learning in the Lives of Children and Sue Palmer will expound on working to Change the Status Quo in the Early Years Sector.

“We look forward to welcoming delegates to ENABLE 2017 to learn, network with colleagues and be inspired. Enabling children is a rewarding, joyful journey, which requires encouragement and edification. ENABLE 2017 aims to do this and more…It aims to inform, challenge and galvanise professionals and parents, in order to provide the very best outcomes for the children in their care.” – Helen Lumgair, Founder

Who Should Attend

Classroom Teachers
Directors of Children’s Services
Early Years Professionals
Educational Psychologists
Heads of Primary/Early Years
Head Teachers, Deputy Heads
Health Professionals
Learning Support Assistants
Local Authority Educational Professionals
Nursery Managers
Occupational Therapists
Play Therapists
Special Needs Teachers
Speech and Language Therapists
Teaching Assistants