Lynnette Brock

lynnette brock Enable Conference 2016

Taking Play Seriously: Examining How Play Works and How Best to Support It – Lynnette Brock & John Siraj-Blatchford – University of Plymouth

Lynnette is a lecturer and trainer in Montessori pedagogy and early childhood studies. She is an avid supporter of play in both the indoor and outdoor environment; principally the role of play in contributing to children’s learning, knowledge, motivation and self-esteem. Her current research with Professor John Siraj-Blatchford has been focused on the practical application of a distinction made by Piaget in his later work between ‘schemes’ and ‘schema’. The pedagogic model developed in these studies show how Montessori presentations and other focused learning activities may be considered to provide children with valuable cognitive resources for that may subsequently be applied in their free-flow play within a ‘Zone of Proximal Flow’.