Lisbeth Hattens

Lisbeth Hattens Enable Conference 2016

Playful Learning: Building Foundations of Play and Learning in the Lives of Children – Lisbeth Hattens – LEGO Education

Lisbeth Hattens has a background in teaching and educational consultancy in Early Years and Elementary School, and has more than 25 years of experience in Senior Concept Development and Management of Educational Content at LEGO Education.
Her area of expertise is to design developmentally appropriate learning solutions, and to deliver practical and relevant insights for the educational field in order to support and enhance 21 st century skills development in the lives of young children. This is carried out in close cooperation and involvement with teachers, academics and Ministers of Education around the world.
Lisbeth’s work is based on her commitment to the concept of holistic child development in the Early Years and in Elementary. She is passionate about nurturing the cognitive, creative, critical thinking, problem-solving, social and expressive skills in students, whilst also providing inquiry-based opportunities for acquiring the basics of literacy, maths and science.