Joanna Grace

Joanna Grace Enable Conference 2016

An Introduction to Sensory Stories – Joanna Grace – Founder, The Sensory Project

The Sensory Project is based upon the idea that with the right knowledge and a little creativity, inexpensive resources can become effective tools for sensory engagement. Joanna’s work is heavily based in research, and on her training days she seeks to equip people with the knowledge they need to become effective sensory communicators.

Joanna holds an MA in special educational needs and has worked as a special needs practitioner in a school for students with severe and profound special educational needs. Joanna has also worked across mainstream settings, from nurseries and the early years to universities, supporting the inclusion of individuals with special educational needs and disabilities. Joanna writes inclusive educational materials on behalf of a number of large organisations including: Oxfam, Amnesty International, The Booktrust and The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

Joanna’s ideas have been widely published in magazines and journals. Her book Sensory Stories for Children and Teens with Special Educational Needs is available on Amazon and in Waterstones.

Joanna, through her work, is seeking to contribute to a world where people are understood in spite of their differences.