Jenny Mosley

Jenny Mosley Enable Conference 2016

Promoting Wellbeing, Resilience and Self Esteem For All Children And The Adults Working With Them / Circle Time: Engagement, Encouragement and Edification – Jenny Mosley – Founder, Jenny Mosley Consultancies 

Jenny Mosley is well known nationally and internationally for her inspirational talks and workshops. Along with her design of the circle-time guidance for S.E.A.D (Social & Emotional Aspects of Development for Early Years), her books and resources have received wide acclaim. She runs a successful consultancy company that provides unique in-service training and team building for teachers, nursery nurses, support staff, parents and children. Her books include the best seller ‘Quality Circle Time in The Primary School’. Her publishing company, Positive Press, has created a series of ‘Learning Through Action’ books to assist practitioners in focusing on the effect of traditional clapping, singing and skipping games in fostering whole brain learning. In collaboration with the NDNA, Positive Press have created the Golden Rules board books for 0 – 3’s.