Jane Evans

Jane Evans Enable Conference 2016

Understanding and Supporting the Impact of Developmental Trauma in Vulnerable Children in the Early Years – Jane Evans – Trauma Consultant

Jane Evans has had more than 20 years of working directly with parents, carers, children and young people with complex needs. Jane’s particular expertise relates to the impact on children’s development and behaviours resulting from harsh or emotionally ‘absent’ parenting, domestic abuse, child abuse and neglect, adolescent to parent abuse, mental illness, substance dependency and other difficulties. An internationally renowned speaker, TEDxBristol Speaker, trainer and writer, Jane has delivered parenting talks with the Born Smart organization in India, and for the past 2 years, has been the keynote speaker for the Book Trust England and Book Trust Cymru conferences on how to encourage early literacy with parents and children who may have experienced trauma. Jane featured on Channel 5’s innovative new series of ‘My Violent Child’ where she is seen working with families impacted by child to parent violence and has also appeared on ITV This Morning. Jane has contributed a chapter on her work in child to parent abuse for Dr. Amanda Holt’s book, Working with Adolescent Violence and Abuse Towards Parents.

Jane frequently contributes to items for BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC 3 Counties, BBC Wiltshire and Bristol Radio and Channel 5 News, commenting on matters relating to children and parenting. Jane’s work with young children and parents affected by living with domestic violence was the foundation for her first story book published by Jessica Kingsley, How are you feeling today Baby Bear?, which was followed by Kit Kitten and the Topsy Turvy Feelings, written to address the complex issue of supporting children who have been raised by parents who were not able to emotionally connect with them. Little Meerkat’s Big Panic, a book on childhood anxiety using a simple explanation of the anxious brain was recently released. And in September, Jane’s fourth early years book – Cyril Squirrel Finds Out About Love – written as a guide for young children in being curious about what love and kindess look and feel like, will be published.