Jackie Harland

Jackie Harland  Enable Conference 2016

Inclusion in the Early Years – Jackie Harland – Specialist Speech and Language Therapist – Executive Director, Riverston Group

Jackie Harland qualified as a Speech & Language Therapist thirty years ago and has set up two educational provisions for children with communication impairments in London and Southern England as well as establishing and running multidisciplinary clinics for children in London and more recently Lahore. She has designed and written a Masters level post-graduate training program, which has been accredited by Anglia Ruskin University and she has delivered this course both in London and Lahore. She has also co-written a standardized screening tool for children between 3 and 6 years.

Jackie is experienced in diagnosis and intervention for children with autism, attention deficits, communication disorders and impairments, specific learning and language difficulties as well as speech delays and disorders. She also carries out medico-legal evaluations and is regularly used as an expert witness. She is trained in signing, AAC and processing techniques, and trains teachers in London schools in the use of communication strategies in the classroom. Jackie has set up two charitable trusts to support children with special educational needs and is currently the Executive Director at The Riverstone Group. Jackie has recently finished writing a curriculum which facilitates inclusion in the early years and is passionate about meeting the educational needs of all children through true inclusion.