Billy O’Neill

Billy O'Neill Enable Conference 2016

Feuerstein’s Mediated Learning Experience for Young Children – Billy O’Neill – Feuerstein Training

Billy was Deputy Headteacher at a school for students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Following intensive research, training and piloting of Feuerstein’s methods he decided to place the theory and methodology of Feuerstein at the centre of his school’s philosophy and to integrate the principles and practices of mediated learning experience into the curriculum. His pioneering work was nominated for a COSLA Excellence Award in Education in 2002/3 and it inspired staff in special schools, support bases and mainstream schools in local authorities across Scotland to become actively involved in training and practice using Feuerstein’s methods.

Billy is renowned for his excellent training and his knowledge of the Feuerstein programs. Among those who have attended his courses are professional educators and parents from Singapore, Saudi Arabia, The Lebanon, South Africa, Mexico, Croatia, Russia, Poland, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland and Venezuela.